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Bilal Limi
J. Product Designer
Hey there
Currently, I’m looking to join a design team in Milan to work on awesome products with great people. If you’re hiring, or know someone that is, please reach out to me.
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Bilal, Limi. Product designer, deeply passionate about behavioral design and everything UX, aspiring to create products that make people feel delight. Devoted to fine, detailed polish in  everything made.
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Bilal Limi
Build and polish design
Two words.
Create Magic
One thing to aim for
It starts with creating. This is the first step, where I realize the first concept thinking about how to satisfy user needs. For the better.
Now, iterate. A great project takes a thousand iterations to feel right, there's just no shortcut. I improve, evaluate, and repeat.
Create magic. Is the delightful ingredient that you get after working on a great project for a long time. That’s the aim.

What I do
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Different icons that show what I do, like UI and UX

Product design

I find my joy and passion in crafting interfaces that have a meaningful impact on people.
Some mobile mockups showing my work

Web design

Not my main focus, but I’m also skilled in web design.
Mailbrew website redesign

I share some of my work on Figma

Check it out
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Behavioral magic

I’m also intrigued by the study of human biases and behaviors, and how they influence user actions.
different cognitive biases in behavioral design
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Fun facts & something
about me

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How I spend
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Screen time
I daily spend 4h on my phone, mainly on twitter safari and youtube

I Like

Random Thoughts
  1. Whenever the inspiration strikes, build something
  2. If you're not falling down occasionally, you're coasting
  3. If you cannot do great things, do small things a great number of times
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What I’ve been

Drop me a

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Fancy a chat? I’d love to connect - let’s have a coffee, whether it’s for your new exciting project, some design feedback or just for fun. You can reach me on Twitter, email or LinkedIn.